Approved Workers are not ashamed....2 Timothy 2:15 
Awana clubs teach the gospel of Christ to children from preschool through high
school. Throughout the program, children are rewarded for memorizing Bible verses and

completing character building activities.

 Awanas offers fun, friendship and serious Christian teaching that supports the teaching children are receiving at home and church. Living their faith can be difficult for children, especially as they grow. Awanas provides a comfortable place to learn and grow along with peers who share their faith.

Awanas also reaches out to unchurched youth, providing them with an enjoyable and comfortable introduction to Jesus. Awanas is an excellent choice for parents who would like their children to learn Christian values while participating in a club. 


Immanuel Baptist Church



Thank you to everyone who helped and volunteered this year in AWANA.  Our program was a great success and we had an average of 65 kids each Wednesday Night.  A lot of book ribbons and awards were presented at our closing ceremony.  Congratulation to all the Winners! 

We raise $950.00 for the AWANA Go outreach program, which will enable 95 children around the world to learn about Christ.

Our program will start backup in September, so please keep a lookout for registration information and how you can be part of our team.  Visit our Summer program page for information about our summer programs.